Relaxation and Guided Meditation Group

What is Meditation?

Meditation is simply a way of focussing your mind on something. Meditation is down to earth and practical and can be used by everyone. Reading a book, watching a film are all forms of meditation. 

Meditation helps bring the mind and the body together to work as one.  Meditation is a means to an end and not the end itself - it helps you to start a journey and enjoy the benefits that it can bring a long the way.


Why Meditate?

  • Meditate for Better Health - calming and centring
  • Meditate to Sharpen your mind -  living mindfully
  • Meditate to be more aware of your body and mind - healing body and mind
  • Meditate to balance your emotions -love and compassion
  • Meditate to heal psychological problems - problem solving
  • Meditate to contemplate the mysteries of life - manifesting our dreams

Our Classes                  

  • Relaxed and informal
  • Suitable for all abilities
  • Offer relaxation techniques for preparation
  • Guided visualisation journeys to focus the mind
Online Course:  Available NOW  JUST £18 for 6 week course  

Online Meditation course from Maria C on Vimeo.

Meditation CD's and MP3 Downloads 
available to purchase ( guided relaxation and visualisation journeys)

Specific audios can be made for individuals for specific topics such as fears or motivation


Relaxation & Meditation courses in the community include:

  • Simple breathing rhythms, muscle progression and visualisation techniques.
  • Breathing, body relaxation and guided visualised journey
  • Mindful breathing techniques and muscle progression
  • Focussed - Mantra meditations
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Body relaxation, breathing and creative visualisation
  • Breathing techniques, body relaxation and body messages
  • Sound therapy - how sound, chanting and humming can be used for relaxation
  • Breathing techniques, body relaxation and guided journey (incorporating different techniques)
  • Breathing and meditation.
CURRENT CLASSES :    Half day and full day classes      SEE OUR EVENTS PAGE HERE
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