Reiki Training and Attunements

REIKI training in South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Humberside. 

1st degree training and attunements - this enables you to use Reiki for yourself and with family and friends.


The first degree of Reiki is for people who wish to learn how to heal themselves and others.

The first degree is about your own self-healing and to give to friends and family – you are not able to offer Reiki treatments as a practise (charge), nor are you able to attain insurance at this level.

The course is an initial, full 2 day course, followed by a 21 day period of self-healing and a follow up session is offered should this be required.
This affords the time to really soak in the teachings and practise the techniques; enabling you to leave with a real confidence.

During the course, you will receive 4 attunements which will awaken and attune specific chakras.

The course includes:

  • Understanding what Reiki is
  • The Reiki principles
  • What can Reiki help?
  • The history of Reiki
  • Attunements
  • Techniques of how to use Reiki on yourself
  • Chakras and colours
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • How to use it on others ( friends & family)
  • Code of ethics
  • Contra-indications and precautions
  • Reiki Lineage
  • Practise time to establish learning outcomes and confidence.
COST : £185.00

Cost Includes:
  • Initial two days training in a small group environment. (usually 1-2 people)
  • A full manual for your future reference
  • Certification
12 Month Mentored Training
(complete indepth training through 1st & 2nd degree Reiki levels to practitioner level)

This program supports you to get the best out of your training and personal development. It requires a lot of self practice, and case studies, advanced and additional training for deeper understanding and Reiki shares, giving and receiving treatments.
It includes the following over the year:
An initial Reiki treatment
3 x half hour sessions prior to first full day training
(Consecutive evenings)
2 x full day training and attunements (Reiki one)
Reiki Treatment
Deeper training around the history and philosophy of Reiki 
Reiki share
Self-healing and development journaling (specific for your journey)
Give and receive treatments
Further training on Reiki meditations and the principles of Reiki
Training day on symbols - their uses and deeper meaning
Two days training and attunements (Reiki two)
Case studies and practice (both distant and in person)
Further training on anatomy
Reiki treatment
Reiki share x 2 (observation)
Further training – additional hand placements
Coaching: opening a practice ( practical and inner work)
Reiki Treatment
Reiki Share.
Investment: £995.00
(This can be paid in installments by arrangement)
Training is available for all levels of Reiki

2nd Degree Training  
Master Practitioner  
Teacher Training

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