Transformational Coaching     

Transformational Coaching        

Do any of these questions apply to YOUR life?

- Do you find yourself often worrying about the future?
- Are you unhappy with your job or career?

- Do you feel frustrated with the things you have to do rather than being able to do things you choose to do?
- Do you have goals you haven’t been able to achieve?

- Is your life out of balance?
- Do you experience a number of stress symptoms?

- Would you like to develop more effective skills and habits to help you achieve your goals?

- Do you feel like something is missing in your life?
- Do you have a sense of your life purpose?

- Are you lacking as much joy as you used to have?
- Do you need help deciding what you want to be when you grow up?

- Do you want to achieve greater self-acceptance?

- Do you ever feel there is something holding you back from success?

- Do you want to create a healthier lifestyle?

- Do you want to live a more authentic and wholehearted life but unsure how?

Then coaching may be for you.  

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Coaching in a group

There are so many benefits of working in a group to navigate your way through your journey of self discovery.

Connection - Community - Sharing  - Confidence - Nourishing - Inspiring - Feeling safe

- Womens circles and coaching classes

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