Alaskan Flower Essences 

The Alaskan Flower Essences have been prepared from wild and domestic flowers growing in the state of Alaska.

The development of the 72 essences that make up the practitioner set spanned eight years of field work and required thousands of miles of travel throughout Alaska wilderness.

The majority of these essences were prepared in the vast central interior of the state. This bio-region lies between the broad and sweeping expanse of the Brooks range to the north and the majestic Alaska range to the south. There are also 12 essences made fromtgreen flowers.  Steve Johnsons says that these essences are evocative of some of the subtlest levels of healing that have ever been explored with flower essences.

Consequently, essences prepared from these plants express an intensity that encourages us to resolve our issues of trust, self acceptance and openess to abundance so theat we can experience the fullness of life in each moment.

The space in Alaska in vast, and it has a wide variety of habitats. Plants growing above the artic circle, for example, have to successfully grow, flower and produce viable seeds in only two months befire the icy winter kills everything again. This gives the individual Alskan essesnces charactericts that work to heal the deepest and most protected core pattterns of our beings.

They are availble to purchase in 7.5 ml bottles  £9.50 per bottle ( these should be taken as a few drops in water)
or a comination specifically blended for you 10ml  £5.50 per bottle (these are made to be taken directly from the bottle)

Please browse The Alaskan Flower Remedies catalogue for more information on each flower - their indications and healing properties.


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