Learning EFT has never been easier. 

The pathway of learning starts with YOU –

Learning to use the tapping technique for yourself can bring lots of benefits to you and help you to take responsibility for your own personal growth and feelings of wellbeing.
In my opinion, EFT is a self-help tool.  This is not to say that it is not beneficial to work with practitioners to help you through more debilitating issues, however the benefit of you using this tool for yourself on a daily basis or multiple times throughout the day has many significant benefits.

Learning to use EFT on yourself is vital prior to learning to use this technique on others and the self-help course enables you to do just that.
The next level is training to use these techniques with others in treatments as a Practitioner.
Our Practitioners course is focused to give you the tools to work with your clients.
It has been written using a wealth of knowledge using EFT since 2008 - as an Energist trainer with the Guild of Energists (Formerly The AMT) and other modalities including HYL®, law of attraction, intention, coaching philosophies and more.

All certification will be awarded by Chi-Ki Holistic Health.
EFT for Self Use
Half day course £35.00

  1. What is EFT (Tapping)
  2. Brief History of EFT
  3. Benefits of using EFT
  4. Clarifying the Problem and Identifying your emotions
  5. The Basic Set up
  6. The tapping Points
  7. Using Affirmations with tapping

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