Be conscious in your life.


Mindfulness is a practice, which cultivates a self-kindness and compassion, awareness, acceptance, gratitude and gentleness.

It is not letting go or trying to do this or that….its about doing nothing…to not try…to just be accepting of what is and know that this is exactly as it should be right now…the perfect imperfectness of now and in this time and space.

Why do Mindfulness?

• Clearer & Calmer Mind, improved memory & focus

• Less anxiety, anger and increased wellbeing 

• More relaxed, Improved immune system and sleep

An Introduction to living Mindfully course

This course has been written by request.  The feedback has been that to start the full 8 week course whilst you are in the middle of experiencing longterm anxieties and stresses can be challenging in itself due to the level of content and length of exercises.

This course provides activities and exercises that you can bring in to your daily routine that will help you begin to live more mindfully. It is an introduction to mindfulness (You can of course then move on to the full course, should you wish to do so)


You will again be emailed each week over a six week period and these will provide simple tips and suggestions for you to try and out during that week.  Each week you can change your exercises or add to the previous week to expand your level of mindful activitiy each week. 

As with the full course - you can download these exercises, recordings and videos to use over and over again.

Cost:  £15 for the course (redeemable against the 8 week Mindfulness course)
To Book

Mindfulness course from Maria C on Vimeo.

8 week course of Mindfulness 
delivered directly to your inbox each week (links to Dropbox)
Intro short meditations 
weekly overview of topic,
suggested exercises to integrate learning
Daily Practise meditations
Work to your own pace
- listen to the recordings over and over again

COST  £160.00

Email to Book

Week one:  Exploring Automatic Pilot
Week Two: Dealing with Barriers
Week Three:  Mindful Movement and Breath
Week Four:  Staying Present and Exploring How Stress Impacts on us
Week Five:  Exploring Acceptance
Week Six: Thoughts are just Thoughts
Week Seven:  How can I Best Take Care of Myself
Week Eight:  Acceptance and Change


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